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You will be glad to know that for the best in Milford plumbing professionals you can trust the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company. Keeping things running smoothly in your home or business is only possible if you have proper running plumbing. Even the smallest of details can cause your system to fail. And when something doesn't work for your plumbing, you are going to feel the effects of that in your home life or business.

There are simply so many things that need repair, service, installation or replacement when it comes to plumbing. Not all so-called professionals are equipped to handle the job, either. It is essential to make sure you get a Milford Plumber with the required training, skills, licensing and insurance to complete the job. No matter what, at some point, you are going to require the professional work of a plumber, may as well make sure the choice you make is one you will not regret.

At Ben Franklin Plumbing, we do all we can to ensure your satisfaction. That means when you need plumbing help, we’re set up to provide you with everything you need and can make the repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

From small leaky faucets to a busted pipe or new toilet installation, there is so much work that should only be done by a professional. What has earned us the flawless reputation we have is our commitment to quality workmanship and customer service.

Benjamin Frankln Plumbing
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We offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you require the installation of new plumbing equipment or the repair of existing equipment, we can help.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® offers installation, repair, replacement, and a full range of plumbing services for all your needs.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® offers you an in-depth review of products and repair techniques, so that you can make informed decisions on your plumbing needs.

Each and every day we strive to provide the highest level of professional service, unsurpassed honesty and integrity you expect from a licensed plumber.

Some examples of products we provide and service are:

  • image Water Heaters

    Is Your Hot Water Adequate?

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  • image Water Conditioning

    Are you getting the highest level of quality out of your water?

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  • image Drainage

    So, you've got a backup in your drain.

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  • image Sinks

    What sort of things should I consider when choosing a sink?

    Learn more >
  • image Toilets

    I've got a serious problem with my toilet.

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  • image Faucets

    Faucets are a very important part of the water delivery system in your home.

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  • image Pumps

    I'm not getting the circulation that I need.

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  • image Tubs & Showers

    I love my bathtime.

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  • image Disposals

    My sink is clogged.

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  • image Pipes & Sewers

    What's with the pool of water collecting in my yard?

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